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Greece Ask me anything

Song:Το Σπιτι Μου
Artist:Approval Junkies ft Professional Sinerz
Produced by Party Crusherz

Directed and edited by Kyriakos Nochoutidis (nohoot)

Camera operators: Vasilis Christodoulou, Eirini Karagianni
Choreography : Phillis Papatzika

Some happy moments at the beach bar “Fish Eye” at Messagala,Larissas,Greece

Made by Kyriakos Nochoutidis (nohoot)
Music Selection by Thanos Coutos

Song: 2020 Soundsystem - Closure

Thanks to my friends for helping me make this clip:

Dimitris, Thanos, Konstantinos, Dwra, Joanna, Elina, my Brother, Melina,Antwnis, Ares, Rose, Fanis, Zoe and the owners of the bar…
and all the people who played and I don’t know their names.

See you next summer!!!

Some moments of my last trip with Roxani to Istanbul..

Music: Ratatat - Shiller

Video commercial for a “nuts & candies” store.

Made by: Kyriakos Nochoutidis (nohoot)

Cast: Zeta Alex
         Dimitris Nochoutidis

Music: kimya dawson - my rollercoaster (juno film version)

Official music video for the song “An idiot’s point of view” from Sleepin Pillow’s second album, “Superman’s Blues”

Directed and Edited by Kyriakos Nochoutidis (nohoot)
Actors Direction by Savvas Katirtzidis
Cinematographer : Sixtwelve
Sound : Kostas Christoforidis
Assistant Director : George Kakalis
Hair Styling/Make-up Artist : Maria Papakosta(ixima-cover cover)

Akis Katsavrias
Ilias Kotopoulos
Iordanis Aivazoglou
Elsa Siskou
Ioulia Christidou
Aggelina Sofianopoulou
Anastasia Papanikolaou
Haris Sofokleous

Sleepin Pillow “An Idiot’s Point Of View”. The new videoclip coming soon.
From the album: “Superman’s blues”
Shift rec/Archangel music

Directed & Edited by Kyriakos Nochoutidis 
Actors Direction: Savvas Katirtzidis 
Cinematographer: Sixtwelve (Aris Mpasias). Sound: Kostas Christoforidis. Assistan Director: George Kakalis. Styling/Make-up Artist: Maria Papakosta. 
Cast: Akis Katsavrias, Ilias Kotopoulos, Iordanis Aivazoglou, Elsa Siskou, Ioulia Christidou, Aggelina Sofianopoulou, Anastasia Papanikolaou, Haris Sofokleous.

Directed and edited by sixtwelve (Aris Basias) / Script: nohoot (Kyriakos Nochoutidis) / Director of Photography: Michalis Koulieris.Actors: Kyriakos Nochoutidis Nikolas Klontiras Nikolis Petridis Lita Christidou Roxani Matou

The King And I

THE machine

THE machine

3 girls walking in an archway

3 girls walking in an archway